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3 Challenges You're Likely To Face Once You Open for Business

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One way to handle this is to avoid the “living room culture” prevalent in the cannabis industry. This means you should be careful when deciding what facets of your operation you’ll share with your employees. Revealing financial information, payroll data and other numbers to your subordinates can come back to haunt you later down the road.

Another big source of legal issues? Disputes among partners. “Most of the failures we’ve seen so far stem from internal issues, from partners fighting,” Bradley Blommer of Green Light Law Group says. Make certain your partners’ views and goals align with yours before going into business with them.

“Remaining compliant isn’t rocket science,” Bradley Blommer of Green Light Law Group’s says -- almost joking. “Just don’t sell weed to kids, only trade with licensed and authorized businesses, those kinds of basic things.”

Any order you get, any client that comes through the door, check their credentials; you could lose your whole business just to avoid losing a few thousand dollars.

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