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Expert Advice Interview: A Consumer's Guide to Cannabis Law

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Bradley Blommer and Perry N. Salzhauer offer insight into how consumers can navigate the growing legal recreational cannabis market.

What are the requirements for purchasing recreational cannabis?

In recreational cannabis states, individuals 21 years of age or older can purchase cannabis products from state-licensed dispensaries. Although, state laws often limit the amount of cannabis that may be purchased at a single time, typically no more than one ounce of flower product. Individuals must provide proof of age via government-issued identification in order to purchase recreational cannabis from a dispensary. While Washington, D.C. has legalized recreational cannabis possession and cultivation, commercial cannabis sales are not allowed, so individuals living in D.C. do not have access to recreational cannabis dispensaries. Instead, individuals can grow their own cannabis plants for personal consumption, up to six plants at a time, and may also “gift” up to one ounce of cannabis to another individual. This means you cannot accept money for this “gift.”

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