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Mother Knows Best: Can I Call the Police if Someone Steals My Personal Cannabis Plants?



Dear Mother,

What recourse do I have when someone steals my cannabis plants? I have a small outdoor cannabis garden that I cultivate over the summer. This is the second year in a row when someone has come and yanked the plants — right before harvest (they weren't even really ready!). Can I call the police, or would they just laugh at me? Would I be narcing on myself for even asking the cops?

— Cranky Carol

Dear CC,

I am so sorry your crop was stolen — that totally sucks. A pox on whoever took off with your cannabis plants and may they only smoke moldy buds forever more! While a well placed curse might make you feel better, it won't get your plants back, so let's take a look at what you can actually do. To help with your query, I contacted folks who know what they're talking about. The helpful legal team at Oregon's Green Light Law Group chimed in to explain what your rights are when it comes to stolen cannabis!

Let's start off assuming you live in a state where growing your own cannabis (for medical or recreational purposes) is legal. According to Emily A. Burns, Associate, and Perry N. Salzhauer, Partner, at Green Light Law Group, if your personal stash has been stolen, you shouldn't hesitate when it comes to contacting the police (Mother's note: It should be noted that our readers of color, or other marginalized folks, might want to assess all risks when contacting the police).

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