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New York Based Non-Profit Launches Pro Bono Expungement Program

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PPG Foundation, a freshly launched national non-profit group based in New York, announces the launch of its pro bono criminal record expungement program specifically targeted at those with non-violent marijuana offenses called: Clean Slate.

Created to provide much needed assistance for those seeking re-entry into the workforce, the Clean Slate Program will work directly with persons often faced with limited opportunity, or quick dismissal, once their criminal history has been revealed. Currently partnered with Portland, Oregon-based law firm Green Light Law Group, a pioneering firm focused on the expanding field of Cannabis Law, PPG Foundation is aligning other leading Cannabis Law Firms across the country to further expand the program outside of its Oregon launch. To complete the restoration process, PPG Foundation will continue to work with businesses – inside and outside of the Cannabis industry – to sponsor applicants in need of expungements.

"It is important––for both the individuals and society at large––that we provide assistance and support for those looking to be a productive part of society."

- Lucie Ling, Co-Founder, PPG Foundation

The program, whose applicants' convictions must meet specific state criteria, will provide pro bono expungements on both a first come first served basis, as well as via a monthly lottery where winners are chosen at random.

"As commerce in cannabis transitions from underground markets to above-ground businesses, it is important for us a society to wipe clean the stigma and vestiges borne by non-violent offenders who been robbed of opportunities by the decades-long war on cannabis."

-Perry Salzhauer, Partner, Green Light Law Group

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