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Psilocybin Advisory Board Members Announced! 

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After a fiercely competitive application and vetting process, Oregon Governor Kate Brown today announced the members of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board. The Board is empaneled under Ballot Measure 109, approved by Oregon voters in November 2020, which will create a program allowing the manufacture, delivery, and administration of psilocybin at supervised, licensed facilities within Oregon.

Now that the members have been announced, the board will meet within the next few weeks, and in June 2021 is supposed to report their science and research findings. In July 2021, the Oregon Health Authority will begin the rulemaking process, and in June 2022, the advisory board will make recommendations for rules and regulations.

Here is the list of the members:

Public Health Director Designee: Andre Ourso, OHA

State Health Officer Designee: Dr. Tom Jeanne, OHA

Oregon Health Policy Board Designee: Barb Hansen

State Employee w/ Public Health Expertise: Ali Hamade, OHA

Local Health Officer: Dr. Sarah Present, Clackamas City

Addictions Medicine Specialist: Kevin Fitts, Portland

Licensed Psychologist: Dr. Kimberley Golletz, Corvallis

Licensed Physician: Dr. Todd Korthius, OHSU

Licensed Naturopath: Mason Marks, Portland

Mycologist: Jessie Uehling, Oregon State University

Harm Reduction Specialist: Angela Carter, Portland

Psychopharmacologic Specialist: Dr. Atheir Abbas, OHSU

OLCC: Nathan Rix

Oregon DOJ: David Hart

Chief Petitioner Designee: Tom Eckert

Public: Stephanie Barrs, Bend

Public: Dr. Rachel Knox, Portland

Here is a link to the news release.

In April 2021, Green Light Law Group will be proud to welcome Sam Chapman, Executive Director at Healing Advocacy Fund and one of the main forces behind Measure 109, to our webinar series, for an informative discussion. If you have questions for Mr. Chapman, feel free to submit them to us and we will try to get them answered during the webinar. Date TBA!

You can contact Andrew DeWeese at or 503-488-5424.