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WATCH | Webinar | The Future of Facilitators & Religious Freedom Under Measure 109

As Oregon’s revolutionary psilocybin program via Ballot Measure 109 nears implementation, many questions and concerns remain. Will facilitators be fairly represented economically and socially? Is Measure 109 setting legacy facilitators up for success or failure? Is the use of psilocybin for religious purposes allowed? If so, what does that look like and what are the protections under state and federal law?

Join Green Light attorneys, Brett Mulligan and Andrew DeWeese, along with guest speakers Jon Dennis, Psychedelics Attorney & Policy Creator, and Evan Segura, President of Portland Psychedelic Society, June 9th @ 12PM PDT for an insightful discussion on the future of the psilocybin industry in Oregon, followed by Q&A.


• Religious Freedom Protections Under Measure 109
• Facilitator Representation and Its Importance
• Shaping the Facilitator Space for Success
• Potential Issues of Concern and Next Battles