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WA Legislatures Call Out Liquor Control Board (LCB)

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Kudos to these members of the Washington State Legislature. From the letter: "The LCB has cultivated a culture of enforcement that centers around violations and license removals as if it was a full jurisdiction law enforcement agency closing down drug cartels." And: "It should be unacceptable to anyone who cares about the safe establishment of this market in Washington - especially as adult use states increase nationwide, and including Canada - that heavily-regulated, taxpaying men and women are treated like crimes waiting to happen in a voter-endorsed cannabis state." This article hits some familiar notes to those of us in the Oregon cannabis industry accustomed to dealing with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. While the Commission itself and much of its administrative staff perform their roles with professionalism and aplomb, we've observed former law enforcement OLCC investigators using hardball interrogation tactics, digging through licensees' garbage cans, and even openly calling the Oregon cannabis industry (and the OLCC) a "shitshow." We will always protect and support our cannabis licensee clients, and we hope both the LCB and the OLCC improve in response to this letter.