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Webinar: New York Conditional Cannabis Cultivators

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On July 21, 2022 Green Light Law Group is hosting a free webinar for New York’s Conditional Cultivator Licensees to answer the most common questions we are fielding and discuss best practices for remaining on solid legal footing. There will be ample time for Q&A. Topics of discussion will include:

- Practical first steps for growing and getting product to market
- Raising money
- Best practices for ensuring compliance

In any jurisdiction, a new licensee’s next step is making sure they are and remain in full compliance with all of the laws and rules pertaining to their new conditional license. Compliance with these rules is crucial for a business’s long-term survival. Our legal team is helping New York Conditional Licensees understand their compliance obligations under new and changing New York rules and regulations, set up new business structures, create new partnership agreements, re-assess real estate documents, and prepare for upcoming license opportunities in the historic New York cannabis industry.