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Craft Beer & Liquor

The alcoholic beverage industry encompasses a variety of businesses, from production to retail, and all are regulated by various federal, state, and local governmental agencies. Because we are no strangers to assisting regulated businesses, Green Light Law Group is well positioned to understand the issues facing craft beer and liquor businesses and has developed a deep practice around regulatory compliance to assist alcohol clients in obtaining or maintaining their licenses.

Our attorneys can assist with the entire life cycle of your licensed craft beer or craft liquor business: setting up the initial company and licensing, handling the contracts and funding necessary to maintain or grow the business, and assisting business owners and investors during an exit or sale. Each stage requires that we balance the needs of the business against the requirements of the various federal and state regulatory bodies. Green Light Law Group’s attorneys are equipped to strike that balance.

Our attorneys also work with numerous businesses on more traditional business needs including funding, employment, vendor contracts, real estate purchases and leases, and environmental needs, all of which any alcohol business will need to consider at some point. Our attorneys have also assisted with defending alcohol businesses against OLCC enforcement actions, and we provide compliance advice to help reduce potential liability to the business. With a potent combination of transaction, litigation, and administrative law services, Green Light Law Group can be the one-stop shop for any alcohol business.

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