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Guide to 2020 ODA Hemp Applications

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On December 2, 2020, the 2020 Hemp Registration Applications were published by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The 2020 Application Forms have some differences from the 2019 forms of which applicants will want to be aware for the 2020 application process. While some of the changes are more material than others, they all seem to be designed with a view towards the forthcoming transition to the USDA Rules and other impending federal requirements. Below are our four highlights of the year over year differences:

1. Hemp Growers must now not only identify each Grow Site in general, but they must also provide information (including GPS coordinates) for each Production Area (field of cultivation) within the general Grow Site.

2. Hemp Handlers who had active Hemp Handler Registrations in 2019, must now provide a list of the type and amount of hemp products and commodities that it produced in 2019.

3. Hemp Seed Registration now has its own application for registration.

4. All applicants for Hemp Registrations must now certify by signature that they have appropriate water rights and that the owner of the registered property has approved of its use for hemp growing or processing.

If you want more information, please click this link for a page-by-page slide presentation of the 2020 Hemp Applications highlighting the changes from 2019.
As always, please contact us at (503) 488-5424 or if you have any questions or require assistance with your 2020 Hemp Registration.
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