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New York Marijuana
& Hemp Attorneys

Dedicated, driven, and client-focused:
we are Green Light Law Group.

Empowering New York's emerging cannabis market with experienced cannabis attorneys

Green Light Law Group is a business law firm for the marijuana and hemp industries in New York. We have extensive experience navigating a newly forming cannabis market having brought hundreds of clients through Oregon’s launch in 2015, and thousands of clients over the past 7 years.

While the licensing program is being developed, cannabis businesses owners can consult with attorneys at Green Light Law Group to interpret the legal ramifications of regulations and mandates as they are enacted, execute the entity formation process, draft partnership agreements, advise on corporate governance matters, and prepare records likely needed for the adult-use recreational licensure process.

Green Light's most recent articles covering important New York topics:

Our attorneys are recognized industry leaders and are ready to provide insight and guidance to our clients. We have substantial experience working with marijuana and hemp clients, from licensing to litigation we are the legal team to help navigate New York's new landscape.

Green Light Law Blog

Webinar Draft Rules 1

WATCH: Understanding New York Cannabis Co-op & Micro Business Licenses

December 8: 12:30-1:30pm EST UNDERSTANDING NEW YORK CANNABIS CO-OP & MICRO BUSINESS LICENSESThe business advantages of these lesser-known cannabis licenses…

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WATCH: Building a Cannabis Brand in New York

December 6: 12:30-1:30pm EST BUILDING A CANNABIS BRAND IN NEW YORKRegulations for marketing and packaging & labeling, what’s open to…

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WATCH: Applying for a New York Cannabis License

December 1: 12:30-1:30pm EST APPLYING FOR NEW YORK CANNABIS LICENSESCultivator, Processor, Distributor, Retail, Micro Business, Co-op, Nursery The release of…

Webinar Draft Rules 1

WATCH WEBINAR: Rules Affecting All New York Cannabis Licensees

November 29, 2022: 12:30-1:30pm ESTPart 1 of 4: RULES AFFECTING ALL NEW YORK CANNABIS LICENSEESWhat everyone interested in NY cannabis…

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