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With quality representation, carefully vetted agreements, and strategic advice, we endeavor to keep our clients away from litigation. But on those rare occasions when litigation is necessary, Green Light Law Group’s experienced trial attorneys are ready to fight to support your business. We understand the stress and disruption that commercial or regulatory disputes can cause for your business. From ownership disputes to employee and wage issues, we apply more than forty years of courtroom experience to the bench and will fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Our Approach

Our attorneys take the time to listen to your goals and evaluate the best methods for dispute resolution, whether that means resolving the issue with a few phone calls, settling out of court, litigating the case, or finding alternate dispute resolution mechanisms. Whether it is through an out-of-court settlement or through the judicial system, Green Light is committed to aggressively representing your interests. Our number one priority is to ensure that any point of conflict is resolved in a swift manner, allowing business owners to focus on what’s important: doing business.

Our Experience

We have successfully guided many of the most prominent cannabis and hemp companies in Oregon to successful dispute resolution outcomes, including substantial victories in trials and arbitrations.

Simply put, our cannabis litigation department is uniquely situated, both in our cannabis litigation experience and in our ability to provide solid representation in bet-the-company cannabis and hemp litigation. We have successfully represented clients in disputes between company stakeholders about ownership and management, large commercial landlord-tenant matters, commercial litigation involving products and materials including vast quantities of hemp biomass, investment fraud cases, preliminary injunctions, temporary restraining orders and other forms of provisional process, and many more. We also regularly represent OLCC-licensed businesses in administrative proceedings against the OLCC and have obtained favorable outcomes in situations where other law firms have advised license surrender.

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Recent successes: a partial list of Green Light Law Group wins


  • We are the attorneys who overturned the State of Oregon’s Vape Ban in 2019.


  • After a two-week jury trial, we defeated a multimillion dollar claim by a commercial landlord against an agricultural tenant and were granted an award of attorneys’ fees against the landlord.
  • We obtained injunctive relief to prevent a delinquent tenant from removing valuable property from a leased premises in order to secure that property to satisfy unpaid rent.


  • We represented the acquirer of millions of dollars in cannabis assets against the sellers in complex commercial arbitration, achieving total victory and a substantial award of attorneys’ fees for our client.
  • We represented two shareholders of a large cannabis grower against the third, successfully arguing in arbitration that the other shareholder, through misfeasance, had abandoned his shares in the company, and achieved a substantial award.
  • We successfully arbitrated the forced buyout of an LLC member’s membership interests in a cannabis grow as a result of the member’s malfeasance.
  • We prevailed on behalf of a minority shareholder of a cannabis business, gaining leverage by successfully asserting novel statutory claims to gain entitlement to attorneys’ fees.


  • We successfully defended one of the highest-profile cannabis investment fraud lawsuits to date, resulting in a substantial settlement payment to our clients from the investor.
  • We defeated a petition for claim and delivery by successfully asserting our client’s possessory lien rights in construction machinery.

Licensing Issues

  • We successfully overturned an OLCC license denial; after prevailing in front of an administrative law judge, the OLCC refused to adopt the judge’s ruling, then capitulated to our position on appeal.
  • We have represented numerous clients whose OLCC licenses were set to be revoked and achieved favorable settlements through a combination of court filings and/or administrative litigation.

Real Estate and Land Use

  • When the seller of an agricultural property reneged on their agreement to sell the property to our client, we negotiated a complete reversal of their position.

Grower Disputes

  • We represented a sensimilla hemp grower whose neighbor planted male hemp plants out of spite, and successfully persuaded the neighbor to cut down all of the male plants.


  • We represented a female executive of a major cannabis distributor who was being forced out after she made allegations of sexual harassment, obtaining an extremely favorable settlement.
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