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New York Cannabis Control Board Meeting Focused on Seeding Opportunity Initiative

Last week, the New York Cannabis Control Board (the Board) held a short public meeting that focused on its three-prong…

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WATCH | Webinar | The Future of Facilitators & Religious Freedom Under Measure 109

As Oregon’s revolutionary psilocybin program via Ballot Measure 109 nears implementation, many questions and concerns remain. Will facilitators be fairly…

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Oregon Cannabis Farmers May be Eligible for 2021 Disaster Relief Assistance

On May 9, applications opened for assistance under the Oregon Disaster Assistance Program (ODAP) and remain open until June 3,…

Entheogenic Rules blog wide

A Closer Look at Entheogenic Rules for Psilocybin Services

As described in our earlier blog post, the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board (Advisory Board) is considering recommendations for entheogenic duties…

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Black Cannabis Entrepreneurs Account for Less Than 2% of the Nation’s Marijuana Businesses

The prevalence of Black entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry varies from state to state, but few states meet a 5%…

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get a New York Conditional Cultivator License

On February 22, 2022, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law S.8084-A/A.9283-A, which created a new Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator…

What are the Implications for Oregon Cannabis Workers if Unionization Efforts Expand 1600 900 px

Oregon Cannabis Workers Push to Unionize

Workers at a cannabis grow in Gresham, Oregon, recently made headlines following a walk out over potential safety issues and…

Demystifying cbd webinar wide

WATCH | Webinar | Demystifying CBD

Hemp was fully legalized four years ago, with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. While this legislation removed cannabidiol…